Lexus' New Hoverboard Is Cool, But Will It Fly?
Lexus Hoverboard
July 31st, 2015
Last month, Japanese auto manufacturer Lexus unveiled its newest product, and it's not another luxury SUV. It's a hoverboard.
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Shake, Rattle and Build: Colliding Bricks Self-Assemble Into Objects
Self-Assembling Bricks
July 30th, 2015
Scientists shook "bricks" in a spinning chamber, and for the first time, showed that artificial building blocks can put themselves together just by banging around at random.
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Ban Killer Robots Before They Take Over, Stephen Hawking & Elon Musk Say
killer robot
July 27th, 2015
A number of prominent scientists have signed on to a letter warning that autonomous weapons should be banned.
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America Offline? 15 Percent of US Adults Don't Use the Internet
No internet sign.
July 30th, 2015
That's right: There are Americans who have never seen an Internet cat video.
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Delivery Drones Could Be on Your Doorstep in a Decade, Google Says
google delivery drone
July 29th, 2015
Google's Project Wing could be delivering products to your doorstep in a decade with the help of two-way cellular communication systems.
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Dark Pion Particles May Explain Universe's Invisible Matter
Researchers propose that dark matter is a kind of invisible, intangible version of a pion, or a type of meson — a category of particles made up of quarks and antiquarks.
July 25th, 2015
Dark matter is the mysterious stuff that cosmologists think makes up 85 percent of matter in the universe. A new theory says dark matter might resemble a known particle. If true, it would open up a window onto an invisible, dark matter version of physics.
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Pull Over, America! This Adorable Hitchhiking Robot Needs a Lift
HitchBOT catches a ride.
July 21st, 2015
Think you'd never pick up a hitchhiker? Then you've probably never met hitchBOT.
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Best Period-Tracking Apps
A woman looks at her phone.
July 30th, 2015
The days of using pen and paper to keep track of menstrual cycles are past -- apps for period tracking have proliferated. Here are our picks for the best period-tracking apps.
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Stephen Hawking on Reddit: Ask Him a Question on Artificial Intelligence
Stephen Hawking
July 27th, 2015
Got questions about artificial intelligence? Stephen Hawking has answers.
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Why Pendulum Clocks Mysteriously Sync Up
Pendulum clocks swinging in exactly the opposite direction from each other.
July 23rd, 2015
The 350-year-old mystery of why pendulum clocks hanging from the same wall synchronize over time may finally be solved, scientists say.
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