Each week we find the most interesting and informative articles we can and along the way we uncover amazing and cool images. Here you'll discover 10 incredible photos and the stories behind them.

Whale cam:

The secret life of whales has been revealed.

[Full Story: 'Whale Cams' Capture Massive Mammals' Mysterious Daily Habits]

Proof is in the photo:

A team of scientists has put together photographic "proof" of climate change, revealing time-lapse photo couplets, or before/after images, of retreating glaciers.

[Full Story: Photographic Proof of Climate Change: Time-Lapse Images of Retreating Glaciers]

Cute or ugly?

Naked mole rats can survive 18 minutes with zero oxygen and suffer no ill effects thanks to a molecular trick that lets them metabolize fructose.

[Full Story: How Naked Mole Rats Can Survive Without Oxygen for 18 Minutes]

An Arctic garbage patch:

An Arctic Ocean expedition found plastic "was abundant and widespread" in the waters east of Greenland in the Barents Sea, off the coasts of northern Russia and Scandinavia.

[Full Story: The Arctic Ocean May Soon Have Its Very Own 'Garbage Patch']

Flying through ash clouds:

Drones armed with sensors helped researchers study a volcanic eruption in Guatemala.

[Full Story: Drones Armed with Sensors Fly Through Erupting Volcano's Ash Clouds]

Worrisome melt streams:

Much of the Antarctic continent is threaded with rivers, pools and streams of melting drainage water, which could mean the continent is more vulnerable to climate change than previously thought.

[Full Story: Hundreds of Meltwater Streams Found Flowing Across Antarctica]

Fish with a duck face:

A duck-faced fish with 1,800 teeth has been discovered in a museum jar from the 1970s.

[Full Story: What Has 1,800 Teeth and a Suction Cup? A New Clingfish Species]

Greenland glacier crack:

One of Greenland's largest glaciers has a new rift in the center of its ice shelf.

[Full Story: Mysterious New Crack in Greenland Glacier Revealed in NASA Photos]

April and her baby:

Live Science gets the low-down on April the giraffe and her newborn calf, from Jordan Patch, owner of Animal Adventure Park.

[Full Story: Diet, Exercise and 'Giraffe Hugs': Up Close and Personal with April and Her Baby]

Ocean unicorn:

An enormous, worm-like mollusk inhabits a shell resembling an elephant's tusk, and was recently seen for the first time.

[Full Story: An Ocean 'Unicorn': 3-Foot Marine 'Worm' Seen for 1st Time]